We've added three small and powerful features.  Giving additional insight and power to find, filter and extract the information needed to maximize your newsletter or broadcast bulk email!

New Features:

  • Unique Opens is added to Message Report
  • Recipients and recipient count are added to Message view
  • Search messages by recipient

Unique Open

New feature shows how many unique recipients have opened the message.  In addition, to the events returned by Mailgun like accepted, delivered, failed, opened, clicked and unsubscribed

Unique open is the count of unique recipients that opened an email message.

Search for messages by recipient in addition to search by subject and search from email address.

Filter by Recipient and Recipient Count

List Recipient Count

Message sent now display the recipient and how many recipients the message was sent to.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to contact us via your Mailflagger account or use our public contact page.

Mailflagger Team